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Testimonials From Our Clients

I could feel you pulling the pain away from my body through my feet. That debilitating, frustrating, chronic pain was completely gone by the end of our session. Thank you!




C.A., Mother & Grandmother

I continue to be so very grateful for the work that you do - it has improved my situation so much, and I know will continue to do so as we move along. The hope that your work gives is priceless.




Waltraud Ilse Kuerschner, Kindergarten Teacher

Bonnie has just the right combination of intuition, skill, technique and experience as a massage therapist. I have received a lot of bodywork from many practitioners over the past 30 years, and while it's great to find any one of these qualities in a massage therapist, to find all of them in this combination is a rare gift.



Cathy Hope, Iris Herbals Apothecary

Bonnie is not just a massage therapist, she is a true healer. I have been a regular client of Bonnie's for 15 years.





Bonnie Schermerhorn, Licensed Master Social Worker

I am so grateful to know you. The peace I've gained from the healing space you have provided for me has been such a blessing.





J.N., retreat center caretaker

A mechanical injury to my left elbow and right shoulder the previous winter had slowly sapped me of the strength of my upper body. My move from Boston, and its four day car journey, worsened the situation to where I could scarcely steer without pain.


Upon arriving in Taos, serendipity allowed me to find Bonnie, an intuitive and intelligent healer who worked through fascial “memory” and traumatized muscles to restructure their alignment, restore order, and permit natural healing. My strength has returned!


Periodic sessions with her now help maintain this older body through the minor mishaps of daily living.


She is a consummate professional, one to whom I have unreservedly recommended family members and friends.


Richard J. Harris, VMD, MD

My 4-year old moved suddenly while I was carrying her. I compensated, but in a way that injured my back and sent it into painful spasm. Thankfully, I was referred to Bonnie who brought forth her remarkable experience to assist me. After a profound visceral manipulation session (my first ever) I was able to move without spasm, and experienced deep comfort in my low back. The injury was still there, but all of the unnecessary compensation relaxed.


I've had a lot of bodywork and recommend Bonnie without reservation. She listens deeply and responds gently to the body's call for comfort, care and discovery.



Bonnie McNairn is a gifted massage therapist and healer who has been helping my whole family for the past 15 years in Taos.


She never ceases to amaze me as she intuitively finds all the sore places on my body that need work.  She has helped me recover from major surgeries, and become pain free. She has helped me recover from a day of hard gardening and become pain free. 


I know she is helping me to age gracefully, and I am thankful to have her.


Susan Moller, Ceramic Artist

Bonnie McNairn has one of the best combination of skills as a massage therapist that I have ever received. She has a unique ability to be specific and intuitive at the same time. She consistently got to all the places that needed to be worked.


Her cranial sacral and deep tissue skills, along with a nurturing touch and expertise in Swedish kept her at the top of my list of therapists for years when we lived in the same town. I still miss her massages!


She is professional in every sense of the word, allowing me to enjoy my time "on the table". I can highly recommend her as one of the highest quality and best massage experiences you'll ever receive.


Mae Newcombe, Licensed Massage Therapist, Professional Organizer

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