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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How long have your Licensed Massage Therapists been practicing? What are their credentials?”


A: Our therapists are state licensed and nationally board certified with over 20 years professional hands-on experience, equalling thousands of hours of therapy work. Each therapist has achieved advanced certifications beyond their basic license, and continues to pursue continuing education in massage therapy and associated modalities.


Q: “Will you charge extra above your base price for other modalities I might need? Will you ask me to pay more even after our session has already started?”


A: No. All modalities within the expertise of your therapist are included as needed in your session for the one base price. For example, we don't charge more for deep tissue or other advanced modalities.


Q: “Do you offer the full hour, or hour and a half, or is it less?”


A: We give you at least the full 60 and 90 minutes of your session time in consultation and on the table.


Q: “How do I reach you – do you answer the phone or are you always in session?”


A: Your call is very important to us! Please leave a clearly stated message with your phone number if you do not reach us in person. We answer every clearly audible message and readable text, if politely stated and if there is a working phone number included. We will return your call right away during office hours, or on our next business day. If during office hours you do not reach a human being, please try both numbers, including texting to our cell phone. Here in Taos, both landlines and cellphones can have lapses. As you know, it is a special place.


Q: “I have a lot of pain and really want someone who knows what they are doing.”


A: Our therapists believe in approaching you with respect. “No pain no gain” is often not the wisest approach. Along with at least 20 years of massage experience and advanced training, our therapists have also experienced the humility of disability, pain, trauma and the healing process of their own injuries. They focus on your present condition and listen to you and your body. They know how to give you a very effective, gentle approach where you need it, for relief of pain, restriction and trauma. They also have the ability to offer you the deeper pressure where your body wants a stronger approach.


Q: “Do you take insurance?”


A: We take most worker's compensation and auto insurance, with a referral from your primary care provider, doctor, nurse practitioner or chiropractor. We will need your insurance information in advance, before we can schedule a session date so we can go through the approval process for you. This means you first need to make a claim with your insurance adjuster, then bring us that information.


Medicare and Medicaid do not cover massage in most cases. We do not accept either on at this time.


We are an approved provider for Medicaid's Self-Directed Care Program, a.k.a. "Mi Via", or "Self-Directed Community Benefit Program". This is NOT regular Medicaid.


Letters of Protection will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


We do not accept private health insurance. Some private health insurance will reimburse you for your massage sessions. You can contact your adjuster for details. We are happy to provide you with treatment notes and invoice receipts if you need them.


Q: “Can I pay with my HSA account?”


A: Please check with your HSA to make sure you know their requirements. In general, if you have a doctor's note with a medical necessity for massage therapy, the HSA will pay for it. If you do not, the payment will most likely go through, but you may have a penalty due to the HSA.


Q: “Do your LMT's keep up a high level of expertise within the manual therapy community and do they continue learning and training?”


A: Yes, our therapists are actively pursuing advanced training and certification tracks in modalities such as medical massage, cranial sacral therapy, visceral and neural manipulation, shiatsu, myofascial release, energy work, trigger point therapy, etc.


Q: “Can you help me through a longer healing process?”

Will you remember me, what worked and what I need if I come again?”

Do you keep track of my progress?”

Can you create a treatment plan for my condition?”


A: Your therapist will keep treatment notes for every session and refer to your on-going progress each time you come. We can create a treatment plan for you and help you keep track of your healing process.


Q: “Do your therapists work together in case I see someone different next time?”


A: If you work with different massage therapists at our office, with your permission they will refer to notes of your previous sessions to continue your progress, instead of starting over again, cold. Your information is kept confidential within the office. Every one of our office members respects an ethical code of confidentiality congruent with HIPAA, NCBTMB and the State of New Mexico Massage Licensing Department.


Q: “I have a team of healers and care providers. Will you communicate with them as we work?”


A: Yes, we welcome being part of a healing team. We agree that communication between your massage therapist and your other care providers is important. We can routinely create reports for your referring care provider. We carefully consider suggestions such as muscle maps from other members of your team. We do require your permission through authorization for release of records in order to communicate with your chosen healers.


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Please try both numbers - Here in Taos, NM phone service can be "off meditating."


Please leave a message when calling. We are monitoring the phone

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Emails are the slowest to be answered, texts are the quickest.




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